About Blue Comet

Blue Comet Photography was founded in summer of 2014 by Bennett Toy.

Hoping to use skills gained but also learn new skills and techniques to improve my photos. Hoping to begin supporting my studies of psychology as well at university. If you like any of my photos please don't hesitate to contact me.

Blue comet photography

A budding photographer trying to make my way in the world while having fun doing it.

Growing up in the country always made me wish i could share it with my city friends. My first camera was at the age of twelve with a flip phone. After getting a job i spent my first pay on a dedicated digital camera. Years later in 2014 i made the choice and investment to follow photography as a passion so i got myself a DSLR and started snapping away. Over the past two years i have taught my self and been taught on how to use my DSLR. feeling that im at a level i can offer my skills i registered and open Blue Comet Photography.

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